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Joinery Handplanes with Bill Anderson

Joinery Handplanes
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A Cabinetmaker's Notebook

A CabMaker's Notebook


A well known work by Krenov, this is the first in a series of four books written about the art and craft of cabinetmaking....[Read More]
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Backyard Walnut Grove by James E. Price

I am a rural unplugged woodworker, having been raised in the Missouri Ozarks and grew up thinking that wood was free. It still is for me and the only wood I buy is boxwood, rosewood, and ebony.

I was impressed by the gigantic walnut trees that someone had planted on our farm every 50 feet around 160 acres and in the cross ...


Thomas Phillipson, 1740-1760 by Jim Hendricks

The oldest plane I have is a Robert Wooding, 1706-1728. He worked under "The Sign of the Three Plaines," Queen Street, London.

When Robert Wooding died his wife, Ann took over the business and took on some apprentices. One of them was Thomas Phillipson. Planes by these early makers are the Holy Grail for me, so when I managed to secure this fine skew panel plane ...

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Preston Patented 2500P Router Plane by Ryan Sparreboom

The innovations and inventions of the Edward Preston and Sons Company of Birmingham, England are some of the most remarkable in the history of tool making. Edward Preston began as a plane maker reportedly in 1825 but was first listed in a Birmingham directory in 1833. Over the next 100 years, Preston and his following generations built an impressive legacy of tool making.

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Small Bearded Hatchet by James E. Price

One day last Summer I decided to beat the heat and stay in the shade and work on a project involving putting a helve in a small bearded hatchet that I will use in future Ozark traditional woodworking demonstrations. The Ozark Border was logged off by huge lumber companies in the 1880's and 90's, leaving a wasteland of scorched earth after wildfires consumed thousands of acres...

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The Dutch Gerfschaaf by Ryan Sparreboom

Dutch planes are weird, or should I say “veird”. I’m allowed to say that and poke a little fun, because I’m Dutch.

My last name, quite literally translated from Dutch to English is “Sprucetree”. No wonder I’m into woodworking, I’m named after a tree! So why are Dutch planes weird? Well, perhaps unique is a better word.

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Through Thick and Thin by Jim Hendricks

Old instruments are just gorgeous in my eyes and when they are functional, all the better. This old thickness gauge is one such example. Unmarked, continental, graduated in millimeters, not only does it work, it is really accurate. No maker's mark at all on this one. I love the simple integral spring!

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Drawknife with Cow Horn Handles by James E. Price

At the Midwest Tool Collectors Association meeting last year I found and acquired yet another such tool. It is a large handforged drawknife with cow horns for handles. The horns are vertical with the pointed ends up when the tool is in use. It measures slightly over 20 inches in length including the horn handles. An old tool friend asked me what kind of drawknife...

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My Favorite Infill Plane by Ryan Sparreboom

This week I would like to feature one of my favorite infill planes and one that I regularly use in my work. It is a heavy Scottish style smoothing plane. Now, when I say it’s heavy, I mean it’s HEAVY! Tipping the scales at a hair under 8 lbs (3.6kg). To put that in perspective for you Stanley bench plane lovers, that is just under the heft of a #7 jointer plane, in a 10 ˝” long smoother.

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What is a... Sporris? by Adrian Britt

I bought two badly misused and abused infill smoothers. They were basically parts planes and priced accordingly. After decades of abuse and even more time neglected, they really needed help. From the photos, you will see that this plane was a boat anchor. It was completely abused in its previous life. In evaluating the plane, it was obvious that this was going to be a rebuild.

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Madox, Tracy, and Bown Connection by Jim Hendricks

For my 60th birthday, Matthew Platt of this fine parish gave me a lovely snipe bill moulding plane by William Tracey, Colbrook St., Winchester - <1774-1820. As Matthew mentioned, Tracey went on to take an apprentice Benjamin Bown, later on St Cross, Winchester <1781-1816, effectively training his competition. It is also interesting to note that ...

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Flooring Raglet Plane by Ryan Sparreboom

I would like to introduce an interesting plane from my collection, made by one of the most prominent Scottish plane makers of all times, Alexander Mathieson. He started making planes about 1822 in Glasgow and named his business the Saracen Tool Works. The company claimed an “Established date” of 1792, but this is likely traced back to John Manners, ...

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I See Tools in Junk by James E. Price

Friday at an open air flea market I spotted the brass head of an old broken walking cane and saw a plane setting hammer. It cost me three dollars.

It was rather green with corrosion so when I got it home I cleaned and polished it as you see in the first photo. Searching through my parts I found a brass ferrule that would serve as a decorative cap for the back end of the mahogany handle.

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Miniature Tools of a "Suitcase Museum" by James E. Price

Perhaps members of this group would like to see some miniature tools I made in 1995 for a "suitcase museum" that dealt with the traditional material culture of the Ozark people. It continued from early settlement after The Louisiana Purchase through The Great Depression. I made at least 150 objects for an associate of mine to take to schools to show children objects of their heritage that...

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