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10 Essential Furniture Repairs DVD

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Buying & Restoring Hand Tools with Ron Herman

Buying & Restoring Hand Tools with Ron Herman


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Sharpen Your Handsaws


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Joinery Handplanes with Bill Anderson

Joinery Handplanes
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The Great Hand Plane Revival

The Great Hand Plane Revival


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Unusual Plane by James E. Price

Today I tuned up a plane that I acquired last week.

It is so unusual I have to share photos of it.

Obviously it was made and used in a patternmaking shop since it is a hybrid between a crank-neck chisel and a low angle, bevel-up plane with a skewed blade.


Robert Towell Mitre - Blonde to Brunette, Part 3 - by Jim Hendricks

At the beginning of this project I was in two minds about using unconventional but stunning English boxwood or the luxury traditional option of Gabon ebony as the infill and wedge.

So... I've decided to do both and then see which best suits. Today I roughed out ...

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Siegley's Adjustable Plane - Carpentry & Building, Vol. 6.

In Figs. 1 and 2 of the accompanying engravings views of the opposite sides of a new combination plane, manufactured by C. Siegley. are shown. The combination tool is in some respects superior to each of the single tools combined in it. Using it as a plow plane, it has some advantages over the common wooden plow...

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Robert Towell Mitre - Part 2 - by Jim Hendricks


One great thing about handling loads of infill planes is that you get to recognize quality, even when it's heavily disguised.

I was busy working on e-BORE in the back room today when ALFIE! came rushing in telling me the man from Royal Mail Parcels was at the door! This was really helpful because I didn't hear the knock and...

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Making a Scorp - by James E. Price

I have taught 12-stave white coopering, bowl carving, and chair making as well as other crafts where a good scorp comes in handy.

I have taught 12-stave white coopering, bowl carving, and chair making as well as other crafts where a good scorp comes in handy.

I got disenchanted with commercially available scorps a long time ago.

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Preliminary Notes on the Metallic Plane Co. by Wiktor Kuc

The story of the Metallic Plane Company, of Auburn, N.Y. began with a small organization under the name of S. W. Palmer & Co.
S. W. Palmer & Co., manufacturers of snow shovels and laundry machines, etc. In 1855, S. W. & J. F. Palmer commenced the manufacture of bench planes. In 1863, J. F. Palmer sold his interest to Charles Coventry.

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Bench, Hand and Breast Drill of the Millers Falls Co. - Automobile Trade Journal, 1920

Three of the bestselling drills of the Millers Falls Co., Millers Falls, Mass., are known as their No. 210 Bench Drill, No. 1980 Hand Drill and No. 97 Breast Drill. The bench model is stated to be the largest selling drill press of this type made by the company and it is a thoroughly efficient tool sold at the reasonable price of $15, which gives it unusual value.

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George Darby - 18th Century Moulding Plane by Richard Arnold

George Darby is possibly the earliest recorded maker from Birmingham and may well have been in business prior to 1750.
This complex moulder has a possibly unique feature of intermittent lignum boxing. None of my fellow collecting friends could remember seeing this feature on a moulding plane before, but I can't help but think I have come across it somewhere in the past.

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English Saw-Set by James E. Price


With this post I share with you my favorite saw-set for setting the teeth on small back saws.

I use pliers-type sets for regular handsaws but this little set is far superior for use on saws that are 15 point and up. This one is struck with a small hammer and the spring-loaded head can be rotated to put four different strikers in place, each of a different size.

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17th century Cooper's Plane by Jim Hendricks

I mentioned this cooper's plane before but could not find anything about it.

David Russell collection to the rescue, as is often the case...

Caption from Russell's fine book "Antique Woodworking Tools" shows and explains it clearly. And here is my plane... exactly the same. Definitely oak... Holm oak... have to look that up!

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Stan Shaw, a Sheffield Pocket-knife Maker by Geoffrey Tweedale

In early December 2016, I dropped in on an old friend – Stan Shaw – at Kelham Island Industrial Museum in Sheffield.

I’ve known him for about 30 years, which is about the span of his career as an independent pocket-knife maker. However, his working life as a cutler goes back much further than that, as a premier craftsman at some of Sheffield’s leading firms.

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An Interesting Electrical Power Plant - The Iron Age, Vol. 55

The Simonds Mfg. Company of Fitchburg, Mass., were among the first of the manufacturers in New England to realize the immense advantages to be derived from the electrical distribution of power, particularly where water power, otherwise unavailable, could be utilized to furnish the initial energy. Wanoosnoc Brook, which has a flow of about 2000 cubic feet ...

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