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Joinery Handplanes with Bill Anderson

Joinery Handplanes
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Learn how to identify, use, and repair wooden and metal joinery planes in this five hour instructional video that's...[Read More]
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A Cabinetmaker's Notebook

A CabMaker's Notebook


A well known work by Krenov, this is the first in a series of four books written about the art and craft of cabinetmaking....[Read More]
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Swedish Braces and Bits -  by James E. Price

Let’s explore a bit deeper into traditional woodworking tools from a region that has been discussed in a previous post.

Today’s post focuses only on Swedish braces and bits. Years ago I found that tools from other cultures and other times in the past felt very different in my hands and I wanted to know how well they performed at the bench.


Braces and Bits of Sweden and Norway by James E. Price

Lately I have been exploring woodworking tools and their uses in The Baltic States and The Balkans as well as Scandinavia. Woodworking tools evolved differently in those regions compared to Western Europe. Many of my future posts will explore other ways of woodworking in ethnic groups elsewhere in the world with tools that look and function...

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Improvements to New Version of No. 2 Hand Drill - Hardware, Vol.11

Millers Falls Co., No. 93 Reade Street, New York and Millers Falls, Mass, have made improvements on their No. 2 Hand Drill as here illustrated. Among the improvements is the addition of an extra handle to be attached when it is .desired to use the drill in the manner of a. breast drill. The handle is threaded on the end and is screwed into the frame...

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Ingenuity of Craftsmen from the Past by James E. Price

Today I post photos of an example of a drawknife that was made from a crooked tree limb or sapling and a piece of steel that was once a butcher knife blade. This tool came from Appalachia and is a good example of a tool made in an isolated culture from simple materials. This drawknife works well even though it appears to be primitive ...

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New Langdon Miter Box  - Carpentry and Building, Vol. 2, 1880

The Langdon miter box is a tool so well known to our readers that an extended description of it seems unnecessary.

Since its first introduction, some ten years ago, it has found its way into numerous shops throughout the land. Still it has not entirely superseded the old wooden box, made by the workmen who used it.

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Tenoning Tools for Pool Cues by James E. Price

Unplugged woodworking involves far more than planes, saws and chisels. Many other tools are obscure and seldom, if ever, mentioned in discussions.

I wish to mention one such type of obscure unplugged woodworking tool, wooden pool cue end tenoning devices. Tenons on the end of pool cues hold the rubber tips in place.

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Bone Tools Replicas by James E. Price

Recently I was called upon to make some bone tools like those used on the frontier in the late 18th Century along The Wilderness Road and The Cumberland Gap.

The photos show the tools I made out deer bones. I added some of my feelings to these bone tools about what it was like to live in southwestern Virginia at that time.

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Mr. Slater - Two Generations by Jim Hendricks

Like in every country there is supposed to be a north/south divide but as this gorgeous old infill smoother proves, there is often harmony too.

This old guy came this morning, a cheap eBay lot, not shown in his best light I feel. It's old and a really unexpected surprise was that the blurred "duckling" of a raggedy edged wedge turned out to be a beautiful...

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Rolling Eyes at this Razee... by James E. Price

I know I am a different kind of old tool guy when
I find an old tool and show it to my collector or user friends and watch them roll their eyes and snicker.

Such was the case with this plane, a razee jointer, 23 inches in length, that some past craftsman made from the body of a manufactured plane. I get excited by tools that are mundane and ...

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Notice of Mr. L. C. Stephens’ Patent Combination Rule - Journal of the Franklin Institute, Vol.67

Gentlemen: As all simple and comparatively accurate instruments for the use of engineers and mechanics, whereby they are enabled with facility to make measurements and calculations are of importance, I would call their attention through your Journal to a combination rule manufactured ...

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The Wonder Tool Holder - The Iron Age, Vol. 54

The illustration herewith given shows a tool holder which has been devised for the purpose of holding a tool firmly in one position while being ground. In the engraving a chisel is shown in position in the holder. The operator turns the grindstone crank with the right hand and places his left hand ...

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Making a Thin Boxwood Wedge by James E. Price

My last post was on making a thin boxwood wedge for a card scraper stock. Making such a small wedge using only hand tools poses lots of challenges. One concern is how to hold it while it is being made and how to create a wedge with a very precise taper. This post is on the method I use to create multiple wedges.

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Gabriel and Tucker - Hand In Hand by Jim Hendricks

Some time ago I acquired a lovely plane by Tucker - London, 1796. There is a good chance that he was associated with Christopher Gabriel, various locations, London, 1770-1810. Gabriel, of Seaton Chest fame, is known to have had an apprentice John Casebourne at Gabriel's Banner St. address.

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