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Joinery Handplanes with Bill Anderson

Joinery Handplanes
with Bill Anderson


Learn how to identify, use, and repair wooden and metal joinery planes in this five hour instructional video that's...[Read More]
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A Cabinetmaker's Notebook

A CabMaker's Notebook


A well known work by Krenov, this is the first in a series of four books written about the art and craft of cabinetmaking....[Read More]
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Ornate Router by James E. Price

This is the most ornate hand carved router plane I have ever seen and am pleased to say it is in my collection.

It was carved from rosewood by a very skilled craftsman who incorporated art into an otherwise mundane tool. It has been extensively used so it was not merely a showpiece.


English Boxwood Hinges by Jim Hendricks

Someone asked me why I am fascinated by English boxwood.

I remembered this prototype hinge I made for the day when I build a fancy non-tool related project.

The truth is, as Sarah and Bill Carter say, it is just simply the King of Woods.

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Frame and Panel Construction, part 3: The Real Thing by Jim Harvey

Parts one and two of this series showed construction of a small frame and panel assembly.
I made a half dozen of those as learning exercises for the final project, rebuilding the entrance to the crawl space in my tri-level home. This may be way over engineered but the old doors are truly ugly, made from thin...

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Making Simple Bevel Gauge by James E. Price

I have been wanting to make a wooden bevel gauge and finally tackled that task today. In a couple of hours I had it to the stage you see in the photos, about 95% completed. All that remains to do is some filing, scraping, and application of a finish. It is made of scrap walnut and didn't cost one cent. You may recognize the head of the brass bolt that is inletted into one side ...

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Frame and Panel Construction- part 2 by Jim Harvey

In this section I document my method of constructing a frame. To understand and practice the procedure I’ve made several small framed raised panels and described in a previous section. These will find their way into a box or maybe a lamp sometime in the future. This procedure builds a frame to house a pre-constructed ...

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Frame and Panel Construction - a prototype, part 1 by Jim Harvey

Making a cabinet door usually proceeds by constructing the outside frame to fit the target opening, then creating a panel to fit the frame.

I have a number of frames made as practice exercises for a real job closing off the crawl space in my house. These were all based on square blanks cut from a length of 1×8 select pine from Home Depot.

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Full-blind Dovetails by P. Michael Henderson

I've done a number of dovetail tutorials but had ignored the full-blind dovetail (also known as the "double lap") primarily because I don't see a lot of use for it.

But recently, I decided to do a tutorial on this type of dovetail just for completeness. I suppose the reason the full-blind dovetail is not used very much is that ...

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The Hardware Cabinet - part 3 by Will Myers

The vertical dividers are the next task on the cabinet and a bit of a trick to get right.

The horizontal dividers are only ˝” thick pine spanning the 31” width of the cabinet and quiet flimsy until the verticals are installed. If you remember in the beginning of part 2 when I planed the dados in the case side I had a 2” wide piece in-between the case sides that was dadoed as well.

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Tool Handles by James E. Price

A handle is a necessary part of most traditional hand tools.
Handles provide a means by which a human hand with its four fingers and an opposing thumb can grasp a tool and exert force and leverage on a cutting edge.

They provide a way to protect metal as in the example of tanged and socketed chisels. They increase force through inertia created ...

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Mathieson 9B Plough Plane Restoration by Jim Hendricks

Normally a patient in this condition would be put down but such is the beauty and rarity of this old boy that it was decided to attempt some pretty radical surgery.

The name tag on the toe said: A. Mathieson & Son, Glasgow & Edinburgh and on the heel: No. 9B. 1822-1924 and the mark indicates >1876. Injuries include: Two broken legs, missing teeth, damaged ...

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Secret Miter Dovetails by P. Michael Henderson

There are many different varieties of dovetails: through, half-blind, full-blind (AKA double lap), and the secret miter dovetail.

Everyone who has done hand cut dovetails has done the through dovetail and most have done the half-blind. The full-blind dovetail hides the pins and tails and is not used a great deal, probably because it shows some end grain ...

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Ripping with Skelton by Jim Hendricks

After cleaning up the operating theatre and putting the instruments away it was time to take a perfectly dimensioned block and cut it precisely in half along its length!

This is a practical test of both tools in harmony and they worked perfectly! I fitted the kerfing blade into the Luban-043 plough plane and made a kerf on all four sides of the block.

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