A Winchester Desk: Joinery Inside & Out

A Winchester Desk: Joinery Inside & Out


Secrets from the Past Revealed Learn the how and why of secret compartments. Understand the joinery used to build classic...[Read More]
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A Traditional Tool Chest in Two Days with Christopher Schwarz DVD

A Traditional Tool Chest in Two Days with Christopher Schwarz DVD


Woodworkers who use traditional tool chests swear they're the most convenient way to organize tools for work in their...[Read More]
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Blacksmithing for Woodworkers: Forging a Custom Hinge DVD

Blacksmithing for Woodworkers: Forging a Custom Hinge DVD


Don't settle for standard, store-bought hardware for you next woodworking project. Make your own by following the clear...[Read More]
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Blacksmithing for Woodworkers: Forging A Compass (Video Download)

Blacksmithing for Woodworkers: Forging A Compass (Video Download)


In Forging A Compass, expert blacksmith Peter Ross walks you through the stepsat the forge and the workbenchto create...[Read More]
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Box Builder's Handbook

Box Builder's Handbook


Our daily lives are full of boxes — some purely functional, others purely decorative, but most provide both beauty...[Read More]
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What's New...

  English Joiners' Tallow Pots by James E. Price

It was a chilly, rainy day on the Ozark Border all day so it was a good excuse to hide in the shop and make something useful...

Today's project is a tallow pot, a small wooden box in which beef or mutton tallow and sometimes beeswax were kept for lubricating the soles of planes and the blades of backsaws.


How to flatten the sole of a plane with Paul Sellers

Paul Sellers shows how to flatten and shape the sole of a bench plane.

This technique is the first step once you have bought a new bench plane or have acquired a used plane.

Without this fairly simple step woodworking planes may not function correctly and may even damage projects ...

  Full Story>>
  Full Story>>  
Portable Planing Board by Jim Harvey

Lately I’ve gotten much more interested in using hand tools... I don’t have a real bench though, just an old office desk and there is not a good way to hold a board down flat to work on it.

Holdfasts just don’t work well with an office desk. My 11×48 inch planing board clamps easily in the bench front vise, or in a Work Mate.

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J. Taylor & Son - 26 inch Hand Saw by Daryl Weir

The English saws are not my specialty, but this one caught my eye... I purchased it on a whim from eBay a while back.

Now, I knew this saw was in rough shape when I bought it.

However, it appeared to have an interesting handle – the wood had an open grain and I suspected it is either mahogany or rosewood.

The five iron screws appeared to be somewhat crudely made.

Full Story>>

My Routers and How I Use Them by James E. Price

As I was using my favorite D router today and listened to the cutter shaving the wood from a recess and marveled at how quiet it was compared to the scream of an electric router.

That is why I like to use unplugged tools. I can hear and feel how the blade is engaging the wood. I have owned this old router for years and each time I get it out to use I marvel at the patina on it from decades of use.

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Addis: A Famous Name in Carving Tools by Geoffrey Tweedale

In the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, only a few manufacturers established a reputation in the niche market of carving tools for woodwork.

However, the first enterprise to carve its name (as it were) into carving tools manufacture was Addis. It was once said that ‘the best, and indeed the only [carving tools] that are fit for use, are made by Mr. Addis’...    

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The Resurrection of a Disston D8 Thumbhole Saw by Kim Malmberg

I've bought a lot of saws during the last four years or so. And being a overly optimistic kind of person - at least as far as hand tools are concerned - I tend to bring home saws which can never be salvaged.

This 28 inch Disston D8 thumbhole ripper was cheap enough, but at the time of buying I truly wasn't sure if the saw could ever...

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Bench Heights and Planing Technique with Paul Sellers

Do you need a low bench height to bear down on your work when planing?

Or should a sharp plane pull itself to task?

See what Paul Sellers thinks.

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Scottish Boxwood Infill Smoother by Jim Hendricks

I often trawl the eBay looking for little orphan infill planes...

… simply because I couldn’t afford pristine collector examples at the time and partly because I enjoy the challenge of making a basket case into something useable.

One such lost child was this Scottish infill smoother.

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Hand Plane Basics - part 2 by Bill Rittner

Now that all the parts of the #5 plane have been thoroughly cleaned, de-rusted and inspected, as can be seen in the photo above, it is time for the next step. All parts of the plane are shown in the photo except the knob and tote. These wood parts are being stripped and refinished and will be installed later.

The next thing that needs to be done is to determine that the sole of the plane is flat.

Full Story>>

Disston D115, 26 inch, Rip Saw by Daryl Weir

"If you want a Saw, it is best to get one with a name on it which has a reputation. A man who has made a reputation for his goods knows its value, as well as its cost, and will maintain it." - Henry Disston.

The D115 & D15 were Disston's most expensive hand saw offerings in the 1914 catalog.

Full Story>>

House for a Homeless Stanley 45 by Jim Harvey

As far as I can tell, this particular 45 dates from the late 50s. Almost new! It was a Christmas present to myself.

Actually, I already had a 45 but dropped it onto the concrete garage floor.

In a fit of despair, I bid on this 45 on eBay and won. Meanwhile I was able to repair the cracked main stock on the first 45 so now I have two of them working. Neither came with an original box which was likely cardboard...

Full Story>>

Axe - William Marples & Sons by Jim Hendricks

Friend of mine, Jim Hendricks, started this string of displays on FaceBook - he calls it (he is a Brit, so don't get hung-up on spelling):

"Toby and I were talking about side axes... and I recalled this beauty... A William Marples & Sons "Three Shamrocks" 3lb head... in superb condition for its age. I can often be seen in the summer shaving Chestnut..."

Full Story>>

How to Sharpen a Handplane with Paul Sellers

Paul Sellers demonstrates how to sharpen a plane on diamond stones using a convex bevel method.

As always, Sellers guides the viewer to most effective and simple methods of working and maintaining hand tools. One viewer posted a feedback: "This takes me back to when I used to use a steel on butcher knives. After some practice you can feel when the edge is right."

Full Story>>

Skelton Dovetail Saw Review by Jim Hendricks

First of all... huge thanks to Shane for the chance to have a look at this fine saw.

And fine it is… as in "fine art". Before I begin my findings... I will emphasize that I am looking at this mostly from an aesthetic and ergonomic standpoint.

I will leave other to review "making dovetails". I am sure there are some who are past masters at this! However, things repeated stay in the mind after all!

Full Story>>

Acme 120 No-Set, 26 inch Rip Saw by Daryl Weir

No. 120 Acme, skewback blade, extra London spring steel, selected and polished, warranted. Apple handle, carved and polished, five brass screws.

Specially Made to Work Without Set for Smooth Cutting in Dry Lumber. This saw is from the 1910 era and still has a nice wide blade, one of its pluses.

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Building a 19th Century-style Parlor Guitar, Part 2 – the Body by Jason Stamper

With the neck and headstock roughed out I moved on to making the body of the guitar.

The first thing I did was to plane the material down to the correct thickness on my thickness planer. Then I joined the top and back pieces up. I did this by putting a ruler under the joint on a piece of plywood and then clamping the outside edges down...

Full Story>>

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