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Joinery Handplanes
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A Cabinetmaker's Notebook

A CabMaker's Notebook


A well known work by Krenov, this is the first in a series of four books written about the art and craft of cabinetmaking....[Read More]
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18th C. Forkstaff Plane by James Higgs - presented by Richard Arnold

This plane was made in the18th century by James Higgs of London. I have always been struck by the relatively large number of 18th century Forkstaff planes that have survived, but when one considers how many agricultural implements must have been made over the years, it's perhaps not so surprising.


Rare Plank Plow Plane by James E. Price

At the recent auction I purchased at auction a type of plane I rarely see and just had to have it to determine how it performs. It is a "plank plow plane" that uses ordinary plow plane blades and, of course, plows grooves of different widths in wood depending on the width of blade installed in it, just like a screw or wedge arm plow plane.

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The Old Horned Hobel Scrubs Up Well! by Jim Hendricks

I have long thought that the narrow "kleiner hobel" would make a stonking scrub plane so when I got this little horned beauty this weekend it was straight out to try an iron I had in mind.

I have a very highly cambered new old stock iron by WK & C Peace and it took seconds to hone.

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Two-log Vise by James E. Price

If you ever find that you need to securely hold boards to edge plane them but have no bench with a vise, these photos show how to do it.

When I am making coffins for historical events specifying only period frontier conditions, I cannot alone hold the bottom boards or lids and plane them. Also, lids have a bevel all the way around their margins on both their top...

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The Old Monkey Wrench by Jason Stamper

I have always wanted an old monkey wrench. As a traditional woodworker I have a lot of uses for a monkey wrench.

My modern adjustable wrench works fine, but it is lacking that historical charm that I value in my tools. I’ve seen many old monkey wrenches over the years at antique shops and flea...

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Astragal Bead by John Davenport presented by Richard Arnold

This astragal bead was made by one of the earliest British planemaker John Davenport of London. Bound as an apprentice to William Reynolds in1693, Davenport became free in 1704.  It is surprising that there are so few examples of Davenports work, as he took ...

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Making English Boxwood Divider by by Jim Hendricks

After making the English boxwood and Gabon ebony square using small pieces of scrap left over from the mini-jack project, I had one small block left. You've got a square, what better to make to go with it than a set of dividers! I dimensioned the block of scrap boxwood and began sketching my new divider.

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Two Little Guys by James E. Price

I have two little shoulder planes and frequently use them for the finest fitting of sliding lids on tool boxes.

They do exactly the same work as a full sized English shoulder plane but on a much smaller scale. They are far easier to control on a small piece of wood than a big shoulder plane. Both my little shoulder planes have black ebony infill and wedges ...

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Building a Bronze, Dovetailed 7-inch Miter Plane by Bill Carter

To build this plane I am using 3/16" bronze throughout. As you may know, I came up with idea some time ago of exposed cupid bow detail on each dovetail. For the first time ever I will try to get a row of these exposed cupid bows fairly close together, instead of a bigger distance between each one. To achieve this the pins have got to be much ...

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What is a Panel Plane? by Richard Arnold

Panel plane, panel raiser, panel fielding plane, badger plane, are the most commonly used names for this group, but what do all these names mean, and what these planes were actually designed to do? It's fair to say that over the years there has been some confusion surrounding a group of planes that have a number of names, but in essence all do ...

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Combination-Tool of Samuel J. Johnston by James E. Price

It was the dream of many 19th-Century inventors to design tools that could perform several functions. On December 4, 1894 Samuel Johnson of Leesburg, Virginia was issued a patent for a transformer brace that could be turned into a wrench and other tools. It was manufactured by The P. Lowentraut Company founded in Newark, New Jersey in 1869.

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Holtzapffel Scrub Plane Working on Yew Wood by Jim Hendricks

I got a huge slab of English yew the other week from my new wood guy. I just thought I would show how gorgeous my Holtzapffel boxwood scrub plane is. This is no ordinary scrub plane. This is the true Rolls Royce of scrub planes. So beautifully does it scrub with its gaping mouth and razor sharp peeking camber that I had to force...

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Why I Make Cases for My Tools... by James E. Price

Decades ago I bought a Stanley 92 that was in a simple craftsman-made box. An old craftsman had wiped it with an oily rag and put it away never to use it again.

The plane was well used but in excellent condition due to the care given to it by the craftsman. This simple purchase set me on a course to take care of fine tools ...

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